Tips to Create a Clean and Neat Web Design

  August 18, 2014

1. Crisp Clean Layout

A solid grid structure can deliver a neat and tidy look, especially for websites with rich or robust content. Page layout is always the first thing that you want to emphasize.

2. Typographic Design Elements

Typography is as important as page layout. One or two typefaces are enough for a clean website, but you can change the color, size, and case to place emphasis where it is needed, space properly, and make articles readable.

3. Attractive color palette

Too many colors will distract readers. If you use one or two colors on a light base, readers will easily find the elements, such as link highlighting, that you want to emphasize.

4. Consistency in imagery

To make a website clean and neat, the style of photos, graphs, and illustrations has to be consistent throughout the website. Offshore design companies may be helpful if you have a tight budget.