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1. You can extend your network rapidly by invitations from your registered service providers or sellers.
2. You can expand your network dramatically by including reviews from your clients and visitors on your website.

Our Advantage to You

• Back end: We work behind the scenes to help you establish a strong customer review system and improved rating management.

1. First, you must describe what kind of products or services you provide and where you want reviews to appear on your website.
2. Our experts will then integrate your website with social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and email.
3. We will ensure that your customers leave their message or rating on your website.
4. We will provide a system to help you encourage more users to link their social media profiles.
5. Finally, we program algorithms to help you automatically integrate your customer reviews with other social media networks.

• Front end: Your clients view the whole process at this stage. We will ensure that it is intuitive and engaging.

1. Your customers will write their comments or give ratings for your products or services before logging out of your website.
2. They can use any social media network when logged in to post their comments.
3. Clients can immediately post their comments after authenticating their social profile.
4. A screen will prompt customers if they would like to share their review with friends or families or their social network when they are about to close the website.
5. In addition, we keep track of clients’ behavior and get to know if they access any other social medium besides the one they use to log in to your website from which they can invite their friends and families.

Advantages of a Review Management System

• You can increase your brand value by extending your network through social media and obtain reviews and ratings from your customers’ friends and families.
• Authenticity is verified and profiles are created automatically through social media.

Advantages of a Custom Solution

• A clone script can never perform as well as a customer review system, which very efficiently and conveniently combines the benefits of social media.
• Participatory design and an intuitive process are extremely critical elements of a great review system, which can encourage more people to post their comments on your website.
• A customer review system uses the latest technology and algorithms, which can provide your customer with a totally different experience than one generated by an inexpensive clone.
• Our customer review system will make sure every review is followed by an authenticated and reliable social media profile..

Blue Ocean Global Technology has rich experience in establishing and developing customer review projects, as well as many other design development projects.

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