Only experienced PPC companies can provide consistent reliable service, but how do you choose a PPC management companies?

Experience and Records

A PPC campaign includes a complicated process that involves establishing ad accounts, choosing keywords, preparing a budget plan, etc., and experienced PPC professionals can save you time and money. Experienced PPC professionals have a fixed campaign-management process.

Select the Right Keywords

Selecting the right keywords is the most important part of a PPC campaign. If your PPC manager chooses the wrong keyword set, it will be hard for online users to relate your website to those keywords; thus there will be no increase in relevant clicks. Your PPC managers should also work effectively with your SEO experts to make sure you don’t waste your money on ads when you already rank well after SEO.

Understand the Negative Keywords List

It’s impossible to match keywords exactly in your campaign, so your ads may appear for keywords you don’t want. PPC professionals create a negative keywords list to mitigate this problem.

Conversion Tracking

PPC professionals should not only open an account for you on Ad Words, choose keywords, and help direct you traffic to your website, they should also regularly track the conversion results.

Focus on Landing Pages

Every PPC professional will suggest that you display a dedicated landing page. People will leave if you don’t provide what you have promised in your ads.

Location Expertise

Some of your clients may need geo-targeting adjustments. Hire those professionals who understand this requirement and can make appropriate adjustments. They should manage the keywords, languages, currency, and the like according to different locations.

Structured Campaigns

No overlapping keywords should exist if you want to benefit from Ad Words or Bing Ads. Structured campaigns can attract more visible and relevant clicks. You should create different ad groups if you offer different kinds of products, since this will make every dollar of your budget count.

Budget Allocation

The PPC professionals can use your budget efficiently. Professional PPC managers will emphasize search first rather than display when they are faced with a tight budget. The most qualified PPC professionals will also understand clients’ goals and budgets. They will also modify the budget plan based on the performance of the campaign and changes in the requirements.

New Features

Search engines like Google will update their advertisement products regularly to benefit advertisers, so hire PPC campaign-management companies that can understand the newest updates and features to allow you to derive the maximum benefit from your investment.

Mobile Know-How

Sometimes your target users may prefer mobile devices, so you should hire PPC professionals who can help you connect with your target visitors.


Make sure the PPC professionals you hired can answer your questions, provide feedback, update keywords based on changes in requirements, and keep you updated about campaign performance through regular reports. The most reliable PPC campaign companies will track the progress of the campaign.

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