Everyone wants their website to appear on the first page of a Google search. However, today people often wonder whether Google is trying to bring search engine optimization (SEO) to an end. Web owners fear that Google has eliminated the need for SEO.

Google always emphasizes the importance of good content, backlinks, and domain authority. However, SEO companies focus on any possible bugs and use manipulative optimization techniques to defeat Google algorithms.

Currently, SEO would be of no use for the following:

  • Too many keywords
  • Irrelevant links
  • Irrelevant directory submissions
  • Anchor text optimization
  • Content networks and content spinning
  • Google frequently updates its algorithms to guarantee search results and content.

    Google Panda, introduced in February 2011, is an efficient tool that punishes low-quality websites that use too many keywords, ads, and repeated content.

    Google Penguin was implemented in April 2012, and it is used to penalize websites that don’t follow the rules set by Google’s webmaster. Websites with irrelevant or excessive links and low-quality directory listings were eliminated by Google Penguin.

    Google Hummingbird, introduced in September 2013, is a smart tool used to answer specific questions. This tool focuses on the meaning of the question rather than the actual keywords. As a result, websites with meaningless, short keywords will be ignored.

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